We are GreenCross Studio ! We're an independent game studio based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We develop games to improve life daily.

The values that matter to us

We strongly believe in showing our values through our creations. We don't like violent games and such, we want to spread love of life through entertainment.

Non Violent

We challenge our players to solve problems without resorting to violence.

Thinking out of the box

We design the experience in a very ``organic`` way so that games take a life of their own.

Better habits

We strive to help you build up the motivation to gain new improved habits through repetition.

Touching the heart

We push ourselves to create experiences that engage your emotions and feelings.


Meet the team

We all started making games individually, realizing this was a tough challenge we sought for help outside and fell upon a Facebook group for game developers. Realizing we were all from the same country and had similar motivations, we decided to met in person. In January 2016 where we met in a restaurant called ``La Croix-Verte`` (which means ``Green Cross`` in French) and decided it would be cool to found a Studio altogether. GreenCross was born.


John Willimann

3D Modeler/Animator

John has been working for several years in the AAA Industry in England; after sailing the world on his boat for 5 years and coming back to Switzerland he was looking for a new challenge and found the Indie experience to be very promising.