The King Of Disco

The King Of Disco
Multiplayer, Online

“The King Of Disco” is a multiplayer online platformer game for PC/Mac/Linux where you have establish yourself as the king of town in a series of 5 minute matches(with additional extra time power-ups). This is done by winning over the most discos using your Mojo which is picked up by dancing to the girls in town and by dance battles against your opponents.

This is a fun easy to pick-up non-violent game that celebrates the crazy disco years. It’s all about self-expression, youth, music and dance.

So far, three target audiences have been identified:

  • Disco nostalgics who want the occasional quick play.
  • Kids/Parents attracted to the non-violent competitive aspect of the game.
  • eSports players who want an original online competitive experience.

Currently the game is still in the process of development.

We occasionally organise test matches, find out more on